Looking to Feel the "Zing"?

Hydration Therapy aka the "fountain of youth" utilizes the blood stream for immediate and elongated benefits of concentrated minerals and vitamins.


Now you can stay looking and feeling young! 

✅Revitalize & Tighten Skin
    ✅Dramatically Strengthen Immunity
      ✅Improve Memory & Focus
        ✅Muscle Recovery
            ✅Performance Based Results


              Energy is everything!!

              It always starts with the connection between the Skin, Brain, Heart, and Muscles.

              Undisputed IV infusions compliments the four most influential components of health being paramount.

              The stronger the cells, the better the blood flow, the faster the nutrients are absorbed while toxins are burned for the highest quality energy known to man.


              F A Q:

              ⏰How Long Does It Take?

              On average, the infusion takes about 1 hour.


              💧How Long Does It Last?

              We recommend scheduling infusions every 4-5 weeks!

              Infusion Therapy is based on recovery.

              The Vitamins and minerals are pushed into the bloodstream where the effects are almost immediate. The blood then rejuvenates itself and is able to utilize the compounds for a elongated period of time.

              When the blood remains dense with rich nutrients, each and every special carrier will be delivering at hyper-speed to where the body needs them most.

              💉DOES IT HURT?!

              The infusion itself does not hurt. However- you do have to endure a tiny needle prick to obtain the benefits of an IV infusion.


              💦Will I feel it immediately?

              Right after the infusion is complete most clients feel a "zing" of energy!

              The immediate effects are different for everyone, yet the long lasting effects on your overall health is most desirable!

              🧐Which one should I get?

              If you are unsure of which infusion to choose, our registered nurse (who does all of the infusions) can provide a consult to help you choose the best bag to fit your needs!


              👄How Does the Fountain of Youth IV Infusion combat aging?

              Beauty begins on the inside. Unlike topical treatments, IV vitamin therapy delivers antioxidants directly to the blood stream and cleanses cells of free radicals that contribute to aging and tissue damage.

              Enhanced beauty benefits are based on a concentrated compounds ;

              -The combination of Vitamin C/ B-complex vitamins, are extremely beneficial for hair and nail health

              -Biotin is vital for healthy, youthful, radiant skin because it helps boost collagen production, which promotes firmer and clearer skin

              -Glutathione is one of the most efficient antioxidants to help fight the physiological symptoms of aging and oxidative stress 

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